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Vaccine Eligibility and Guidelines

Understand your state eligibility guidelines and vaccine resources

We have created a streamlined vaccine distribution guide to support you in understanding your eligibility for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine specific to your state. From here, you can access your state agency website and phone number to explore more details, assess your personal eligibility, and learn how to sign up for a vaccine within your state.

The information provided below is intended solely as a reference tool for you. It is not medical advice, nor is it a guarantee of eligibility for a vaccine. Decisions about vaccine eligibility and availability are made by state and local health jurisdictions. Please visit your state’s vaccine website below for more details or contact your healthcare provider.

This information is subject to change and may not be current. This guide was last updated on January 29, 2021.

State vaccine guidelines

Vaccine eligibility

State COVID-19 and vaccine resources

State COVID-19 hotline or contact information