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Professional Development Resources

At Starbucks, we've always been committed to providing our partners with opportunities to help you achieve your personal or professional goals, whether at Starbucks or elsewhere. That's why in partnership with Arizona State University (ASU) we launched Starbucks Global Academy (SGA) over two years ago to deliver world-class learning content in a way that eliminates barriers to high quality education. Now, we are expanding those offerings to provide additional online education opportunities and career resources to support your learning and development.

Starbucks Global Academy

Through SGA, learners can advance their personal and professional goals by choosing from a library of over 60 curated and co-created courses to build critical skills, including:

• Project management

• Design thinking

• Business leadership

• To Be Welcoming – anti bias curriculum

Career Resources

Through ASU’s curated career resources, you can access the best of what the career center has to offer to help you prepare for what’s next in your career journey. These resources provide support in your career search including:

• Resume building

• Interview preparation

• Job search

Explore Career Resources

Understanding your Skills

Review this guide designed specifically for Starbucks partners to translate and market your in-demand skills as you seek new opportunities.

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