Mental Health

Mental Health Resources

At Starbucks, we believe mental health is a fundamental part of humanity. We provide mental healthcare benefits through Lyra and Headspace to support partners and their mental health and well-being. These two resources are available as part of our ongoing commitment to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health and to ensuring that every partner knows where to seek help for themselves and their families. Now, more than ever, we want to make sure you have the access to the information you need about these resources.


Lyra provides all U.S. partners and eligible family members access to 20 sessions a year with a mental health therapist or coach through Lyra, all at no cost to the user. Lyra works by matching you to the right provider and care for your needs, from short-term therapy and coaching to self-guided online programs. These sessions can help address everything from stress, anxiety and depression to relationship issues and sleep disorders. Lyra is available to all current partners, including those on COVID-19 Leave of Absence.

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Headspace, a subscription-based mindfulness and meditation app, grants partners free access to hundreds of simple guided meditations on everything from stress and sleep to focus and anxiety. Headspace is available to all current partners, including those on a leave of absence.

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